How to cope with Mercury retrograde smoothly?

Do you sometimes have moments when you say a completely wrong thing at a completely wrong time?

Or just have trouble expressing your thoughts? Something is on the tip of your tongue, but you can't remember it exactly?

Or is technique making tricks or failing you? Computer blanks out in the middle of an important work progress (and just like Murphy's law - you forgot to save it)?

In this case, it might be worth looking at the calendar, because Mercury might be retrograding again.

What the heck is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury moves in retrograde (or so-called backwards) usually three times a year (sometimes four) and each retrograde period lasts about three weeks (a few days here and there).

Of course, Mercury does not literally move in retrograde (or backwards), because in fact no planet actually moves backwards or slows its motion in orbit around the Sun. The retrogrades of the planets are simply illusions due to the view that opens to us from Earth. Such illusions arise because the Earth orbits around the Sun at a different speed than other planets.

Mercury represents communication, learning, language skills, ideas, thoughts and opinions, factual memory, education, business and commerce, exchange (of things/goods), travel, media and technology, youth, and also siblings.

Mercury is our personal "messenger." It describes how we learn, how we receive and acquire what we have learned, and how we pass on our knowledge and worldviews to others. It also shows our attitude towards things, how we talk and communicate and how are we able to listen to others.

If the planets move in a retrograde, then the general rule applies to them that their energy becomes less external and rather more introspective.

Mercury retrograde is associated with the periods when…

…there may be inconsistencies and misunderstandings

…there may be delays in the implementation of plans and projects

…there may be technical failures and mishaps

When will Mercury be retrograde in 2022?

In 2022, Mercury will be retrograde almost four times:

14. jaanuar  – 4. veebruar, Veevalaja ja Kaljukitse märgis

10. mai  – 3. juuni, Kaksikute ja Sõnni märgis

10. september  – 2. oktoober, Kaalude ja Neitsi märgis

29. detsember 2022  – 18. jaanuar 2023, Kaljukitse märgis

What should you avoid during this period?

Above all, it is recommended to wait starting and launching any new projects and ideas. This does not mean that you shouldn't start anything new, but you should be prepared for the seeds to start growing very slowly. Obstacles and delays may occur and the project or idea might not immediately take off. Patience is the key to remember during this period.

Major plans should not be set during this period either. It is possible that the plans might fail or that a lot of things would have to be reorganized after the plan is made in order for it to be implemented. Mercury retrograde period is useful for the preparation and in-depth study of plans and you should start the implementation of the plans only after the end of the retrograde period.

It is definitely worth avoiding concluding all kinds of contracts and also huge and expensive purchase transactions. During the Mercury retrograde, mishaps, misunderstandings, communication and transport problems are likely to occur. However, if it is essential to reach an agreement, be sure to read the additional information in fine print to avoid possible setbacks later. During this period, there is never too much caution.

Mercury retrograde is also not a good time for communication and media related issues. For example, this period is not recommended for setting up a magazine, starting a website, or running various advertising campaigns. In general, the start of new things during this period is not a fortune and all sorts of failures can occur, especially in everything related to the communications and media industry.

Why does the Mercury retrograde have a strong influence on us?

Mercury is much closer to Earth as it moves in a retrograde. And believe it or not, but in fact this is what strengthens the energy of this planet!

Therefore, all the topics controlled by Mercury, such as communication and travel plans, come to the fore. Because Mercury's energy is stronger than usual, people tend to hurry up with their daily tasks and leave less time to think and control. However, this leads to more errors, miscommunications and other failures, which are often associated with Mercury's retrograde period.

How to cope with this energy?

It's best to use this period to just take time off and think things through. Take a breath. If you feel you have to hurry and the thought is not moving well or you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and tasks, find a moment and take a short break - make a cup of coffee or tea and let the thought go or take a walk and then come back to the topics that need a quick solution. This gives you enough time to think things through and you can check, if necessary, before sending or transferring something.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to complete unfinished business. Many of us have a habit of starting many different new thingsat the same time, but somehow we don't find the time to finish what we started. In this way, however, things tend to pile up on top of each other, and this in turn creates tension in us. Therefore, it is worth using this time to complete previously started projects.

As already mentioned, it is not worth starting new things. Rather, focus on activities and things you've done in the past and you can repeat or remind them. For example, renew relationships with old acquaintances or connect with old friends. Or be prepared for someone from the past to contact you. As for the period of Mercury's retrograde, it is believed that you can also ignite a long-extinguished flame with some old sweetheart, or your ex may accidentally contact you. However, it is still appropriate to emphasize common sense here - it is worth warming up the old soup only with the utmost care, because this soup is often bad and can no longer be eaten. But why not warm up a relationship just as a friendship.

Since Mercury rules communication, both speaking and listening, then during this period you should think first and then speak. Sometimes the right words won't come to the tip of the tongue right away, but allowing yourself to think for a moment can prevent so many misunderstandings. Sometimes it is wiser to let others talk and listen instead. It is important to find a balance that everyone's opinion is important and matters.

So, while making plans and concluding contracts, it is worth keeping your eyes and ears more open than usual. As already mentioned, be sure to read the fine print, and in any case, it is worth reading the entire content of the agreement several times so that nothing important is missed. When making plans, you should also be more careful and make sure that everything fits - dates, times, and additional details.

Mercury retrograde affects the means of communication, so for example, phone, computer, tablet, etc. may not work properly. It also affects other technological gadgets, for example, a website may suddenly become slow or stop working, or e-mails may not pass through. Therefore, Mercury retrograde an excellent time to take a break from the digital world and recharge yourself with fresh energy in the nature.

As retrograde periods are good for self-reflection, then Mercury retrograde is no exception. This is a good time for making a better connection with yourself, or refreshing it. Find a moment each day to be grateful for today. Keep your thoughts positive and it will all come back to you in a heap.

Mercury retrograde may sometimes bring us changes which we were not ready for. But it only changes things that were not originally intended for us. So, be flexible and go with the flow. Everything is good for something.

Make good use of these three weeks - find time for yourself and your loved ones, relax in nature and if the Mercury retrograde should bring a surprise into your life, don't be afraid to accept it!

Source: Astrolaegas

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