Golden Nag – Champa


Vijayshree Golden series incense are first-class with masala-based fragrance mixtures, made from natural herbs, spices and flower extracts and rolled by hand on bamboo sticks.

This special champa incense contains plumeria, also known in western society as frangipani - as they call the flowers of this tree from the Asian evergreen magnolia family. This tree is considered a sacred tree in Hinduism and Buddhism. The name of the incense - champa - comes from the Sanskrit word campaka, which refers to the tree species Magnolia champaca Incense is specially prepared and mixed with semi-liquid resin from an evergreen rainforest tree Ailanthus Malabarica (known in India also as halmaddi). The resin gives these incense a creamy tone and a moist texture.

This incense has the power to attract and hold exactly what we want. It is also known as an incense of good luck. Many have noticed that burning this incense helps lift the mood and can lead to experiences of mental change. The smell of the incense has a harmonizing and relaxing effect.


The package contains 12-15 sticks (weight 15 g).

Burning time: approx. 30 min.

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Golden Nag incense sticks are the most popular in the world precisely because of their fascinating and attractive aromas. The best quality spices, herbs, flower extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients have been carefully selected and skillfully blended to maximize their positive effects.

  • Handmade in India.
  • Natural and environmental-friendly.
  • No child labor.
  • No ingredients of animal origin.
  • Does not contain chemical or toxic compounds.
  • Packaging is made of recycled paper.

These incense sticks are an ideal gift for aroma fans or just to pamper and pop yourself with high quality and natural scents.


Use instructions

Place the incense on a suitable incense burner or insert it into an orange or an apple, for example.

Ignite the tip covered with incense, and if the incense tip glows, carefully blow out the flame.



  • Burn only in an open or well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid direct inhalation of incense smoke.
  • Use only to scent the room. Do not put incense in your mouth.
  • The incense must not be left unattended. Make sure that the smoking incense is not close to flammable materials and check that the ash can fall on a suitable (non-flammable) base.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.



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