Stamford incense cones – White Musk

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White musk is considered as a very strong aphrodisiac. This enchanting exotic aroma creates a romantic and sensual atmosphere.


Stamford's high-quality incense cones are great mood enhancers with attractive aromas and relaxing properties. Their aromas are mild and long-lasting, ideal stress relievers and perfectly entertaining at the same time. These incense cones easily help create just the right mood for relaxation and perfectly complement your beautiful and cozy home. The selection of fragrances ranges from aloe vera to white musk, so there is definitely something for every taste.

Made in India from perfumery's high-quality raw materials.

The box contains a pack of incense cones (about 15 cones) and a metal base for burning.

The burning time is about 20 minutes for one cone.

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Use instructions

Ignite the tip of the incense cone, and if the tip glows, carefully blow out the flame.

Place the incense on the metal tray included in the package or any other suitable incense burner.



  • Burn only in an open or well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid direct inhalation of incense smoke.
  • Use only to scent the room. Do not put incense in your mouth.
  • The incense must not be left unattended. Make sure that the smoking incense is not close to flammable materials and check that the ash can fall on a suitable (non-flammable) base.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.



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